Saturday, January 28, 2006


It's funny how some of put off doing the things we need to do till the very last minute.
I've always been one to wait until the crisis can get no more critical to do what's necessary to fix whatever problem of the moment is going on.

I've always believed that I am going to live forever. I truly believe that as a part of my Christian religion. But, I have for many years told my children that I was going to live to be 192 ! That means that I'll die in this body in the year 2141. My grandchildren's grandchildren will probably have grandchildren by that time. Wonder if they'll even know who I am. Or Care.

Think of the changes that will come about by that time. World peace? Doubtful. World War? Also doubtful.

One thing that won't ever change tho is the fact that the PTB (powers that be) will still rule the world and 99% of the world will never hear of them.

What ever type of currency we use will problably no more exist in actual Fact than the money we use now
. Created out of nothing and worth even less, except we all us it (of neccessity ) everyday.

But I digress and will start ranting if I keep on.

What I really mean to say is that few of us start to think of the future until too late. Oh we have our IRAs , Our 401 accounts, and there is always the safety net of good ol' social security and medicare to save us in our dottage. Right ? ?

Do as I say and not as I do. Make a Goal for your future.. Plan for that goal. Work the Plan. Continue to refine the Plan as conditions change.

I have waited too long to use the slow plan. I must of necessity shoot for the stars. But, then I always have. At least I have the stars of 4 beautiful children and soon the 6th beautiful grandchild. But I don't want to have to spend what should be years of less effort and more time scratching for every dime. Or dependant on others.

I mean for 2006 to be the greatest year ever. I will set Goals, make Plans, Work the Plan.

And I will continue to reach out to the power in the Cosmos who's intention is for us all to succeed.

The Tangles may wrap their tendrils all over me, but my finger will be reaching out of the leaves and pointing UP ! !

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