Thursday, August 10, 2006

Didn't take long did it?

Whoa That didn't take as long as we might have hoped did it?

Yesterdays post was an attempt to wake up just a remnant of common sense people to the threat that the Islamic Jihadist pose to the west in general and possibly to us individually as well.

For instance........Just suppose a small group of terrorists were to cross the mexican border, either legally or illegally. Perhaps they meet as preplanned some people who have been in our country for years. Perhaps even nationalised citizens.
Suppose those citizens had spent a period of time collecting assualt weapons. Easy to do under the radar.

Picking up their weapons, ammo and transportation they disperse into groups of four or five across the country to cities picked not so much from a strategic position, as for the preception that it can't happen here.

Giving them time to all arrive at their destination, suppose that they take an innocent looking trip to the local Mall on a weekend say when the crowds are the biggest. When the food courts are packed or the movie theaters are crowded.

You'd be suppriesed how easy it is to hide weapons and spare ammo about your person, yet keep anyone from suspecting anything is amiss.

Supposed you had decided to take your preteen Children to get school clothes or to see a movie. You stop to get a slice of pizza at the food court, not noticing four individuals (not necessarily all men), who stroll to the center of the food court.

They suddenly stand back to back pulling their automatic weapons from under their coats or out of their shopping bags and start firing straight ahead while slowly circling to spread their fire all around the place or perhaps they have high explosives in those bags which they carry throughout the place before a single signal from a cell phone sends nails, tacks, glass or ball bearings into you and your child or children and dozens or perhaps hundreds of others.

How will you stop them? Can you stop them? Do we as a civilization do the hard thing?


Jean said...

This is more than scary... and what CAN we do?

kdzu said...

You can make your concerns heard by your political representives, all the way up to the president.

Probably more productive would be to speak about this to others. Find like minded people form groups.
Use the larger numbers of the group to get more attention by the politicos. Encourage those serving our nation in the military. Do the same when the president and other politicos speak in favor of stopping these jihadists now, and convincing them by means of overwhelming actions that their kind will no be tolarated in any fashion.