Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Does anyone care, is anyone listening?

Well, tonight we had ‘Last Comic Standing’, followed by ‘America’s Got Talent’.

That’s freaking wonderful. Just Freaking Wonderful.

Don’t mistake me people. I love to laugh and be entertained as much as anyone. Laughter makes you live longer. And if not at least you enjoy it more.

But doesn’t anyone in the freaking world of television have a freaking clue ??

What has to happen to the people in this country for them to wake up and scream as one voice that ‘WWIV’ is going on this very moment. Don’t they have the intelligence to recognize that we are right now, at this very moment engaged in a clash of cultures as great as desperate as War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells pretended to be……….
Only this is for real people.

I have all of about 3 people who ever click over this way, but if you do I hope you will read the following in its entirety and if it at all concerns you, please, for God’s sake, pass it on. Let’s try to wake up as many of the still sleeping as we can. Even if it pisses your liberal friends off.

I’m not going to put up a link to it, 1. because I don’t know how, and second I don’t want you to have an excuse not to read it.

by Justice Litle

"Going for the jugular" is an expression used in sports and business
indicating a strongly aggressive move or an especially competitive
strategy. In casual use of the phrase, we forget the graphic nature of
what is being described. The external jugular vein carries deoxygenated
blood from the brain back to the heart. If the jugular is cut, death
blood loss is likely to follow.

We forget too that "going for the jugular" can carry significant risk
the attacker - be it man, mountain lion or terrorist-sponsoring nation

In geopolitical terms, Iran is going for the jugular here and now.

With the Middle East pretty much a constant powder keg, it is easy to
imagine this recent flare-up is just another example of business as
gone unusually bad. It is not. Through the proxies of Hezbollah and
with Syria as its lapdog, Iran has deliberately chosen this moment to
the ante.

As Iran sees it, the U.S. military is exhausted and overextended; the
American public's taste for military adventure is at low ebb; the world
community is more committed to Chamberlainesque pacifism than ever; and
the mullah's baby steps toward nuclear capability have not only gone
unpunished, but they have actually been rewarded with hints of

Smugness aside, Iran (and Syria and Hezbollah and Hamas) is taking a
big gamble. In one sense, they are reimplementing Saddam Hussein's old
game plan on a more subtle scale, calculating that the West does not
the will or the way to prevent their goal: the arrival and recognition
a new dominant power and force to be reckoned with in the Middle East.
Iran's ambition is to become the uniting force behind Shia Islam (in
competition with Sunni al-Qaida), a nuclear counterweight to Israel and
true power broker on the world stage.

This is a generalization, as it must be. The situation on the ground is
complex, and all players have their own motivations. (Sheik Hassan
Nasrallah of Hezbollah, for one, has waited many years for this moment
history to unfold and has spent the last few years preparing for it.)
bottom line is that the supposed good faith efforts to solve this
by way of diplomacy, the world's concerned nations putting their heads
together and all that, is a load of absolute nonsense. This is not a
regional spat between the Hatfields and the McCoys, in which the two
can just set a spell and work out their differences. The situation is
more dire, far more calculated, and far more serious than that.

In his piece "War on Iran Has Begun," David Twersky writes: "Years from
now, the kidnapping of Cpl. Gilad Shalit will be regarded like the
assassination of Archduke Ferdinand." Many believe, like Twersky, that
full-scale war in the Middle East is now inevitable. Whether or not the
kidnapping of an Israeli soldier triggers a chain of events as
as the assassination that kicked off World War I, it is clear we are
experiencing a raging bull market in geopolitical tensions.

From an investing perspective, the knock-on effect of these events will
to remind Wall Street that not only are the reasons for $75 oil not
away, they are getting even stronger. Kevin Kerr and I have gone on
calling for triple-digit oil, as have other better-known
like Jim Rogers. We've been beating that drum for some time now. Wall
Street is still waking up to this.

There are no easy answers to the situation we are in and legitimate
question as to what the hard answers should be. Military action against
Iran would accelerate and worsen the very problems that now have us in
their grip: sky-high energy prices, out of control spending and
inflationary pressures - not to mention all the horrors of war, the
question of how to measure success and whether success would even be
possible. Yet choosing to sit back and do nothing is a recipe for
proliferation and, ultimately, nuclear exchange. Not to mention an open
invitation for further consolidation of a terror-exporting power base
future attacks on the West.

Of course, Iran knows all this. Iran knows how hard the answers are.
is why it is acting as it is; that is why it is acting now. Iran is
for the jugular. The country's timing gives it a powerful hand, but
is huge risk in this strategy. Some observers, such as Victor Davis
Hanson, believe that the mullahs are playing with a fire that could
up consuming them. Hanson warns that if and when the West wakes up to
danger it faces, if and when the West decides that survival is on the
line, there could be an overwhelming forceful response of awe-inspiring
proportions - disproportionate force like we've never seen.


Justice Litle
for The Daily Reckoning

I hope that’s sufficient credit where credit is due.

Now it’s up to you.

I just hope for our sakes the Western World wakes up in time.

We can’t all hide in the kudzu tangles of popular bread and circuses much longer.


HateTaxes said...

It is an interesting article. At last someone is coming out and stating what some of us have known for years. These people are not reacting. They have an agenda and are more than ready to act on it. They do not fear war but like Hitler, love and wish for it.

We in the west need to stand up and realise that not since Nazi Germany and Imperalist Japan has the world been in so much danger of being over run by tyrants whose only wish is to force their beliefs on the rest of us.

kdzu said...

We know it. The problem is as you say people are not reacting. A solution as to how to get them involved and reacting is needed.
Like your blog name. Have you read up on the Fair Tax Plan?