Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunny Days at Last

It seems boys and girls that fall has at last truly fallen around here at the Kudzu Grotto (KG).

While yesterday and today were nice and sunny the temperature has dropped into the 50's during the day and somewhere just above freezing in the early morning hours.

But that didn't deter this young buck and his lady friend from feasting on the Breakfast buffet spread under the huge red oak tree in the front yard.

Only a 4 pointer, he was squiring her around the grounds with all the aplomb of an 8 pointer sure of his dominance over all comers. Of course that may have had something to do with them being in the middle of a subdivision and more mature bucks were being a bit more cautious in the philandering on this the first weekend of gun season here in the northern Piedmont of Georgia. Discretion that this youngster will have to learn if he wants to stay out of the frying pan or off the grill.

They came tiptoeing out into the yard at about 8 am and had a fine time till the neighbor started up his pickup truck.

Yesterday was also a time of rushing down to Walnut Grove to pick up the wife and carrying her to the emergency room at Athens Regional after a tumble from atop a rickety ladder to land in the tub in her sisters soon to be new abode.

It had me a bit worried to be sure as she is usually not one to call about a bruise, but this one was on the point of her left elbow and swelled and hurt quite a bit.

Thankfully it was just a serious bruise and nothing was broken or chipped as we had at first worried.

Of course it only took three hours for the Doctor to finally call us out of the waiting room to tell us that the X-rays showed nothing broken and then another hour waiting for the nurse to wrap her elbow in an Ace Bandage and finally after tracking the nurse down getting her discharge paper.

Have you sat in an Emergency Room waiting room lately? I don't recommend it as being on the top ten list of things to do on a Sunday Evening. I wanted to come home and take a bath in Listerine after hearing all the coughing and sniffling going on.

Of course after we had been there 3 hours we remembered the Doctor on call facility on the other side of town. Mark that down to the onset of the old timers disease in both of us. Next time for sure.

I'm just glad she didn't break a hip. Guess all them calcium tablets have done a little bit of good.


carolyn said...

Glad the she is okay. Love the picture of the deer. Fall has come to south Texas as well.

Jean said...

Geez what a scare. Glad she is ok.

LL said...

I meant to stop by after I saw this in my reader. I'm SO glad your wife is ok!! Falls from ladders are wicked bad.

You be cool, kdzu. ;)

kdzu said...

Thanks for the concern ladies. Of course I could have just told her to walk it off.

But I've been married long enough to know better.