Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They say a Dog

...will love you even when you kick it.

That may be true, although I haven't kicked one lately, I have been guilty of speaking sternly and even running my dog Gracie off when she wants to be petted and scratched when she becomes annoying or I'm trying to get something else done.

Still when I walk into the back yard she will come flying up to me, bouncing and flouncing, her ears flopping and her bi-colored eyes (one blue, one brown) a-sparkle; to all appearances totally happy to see me and desirous of only being close to me. If I try to shoo her off, she'll wrinkle her nose and pull her lips away from her teeth to show me she's submissive to me, but still wants to be invited closer and petted. Only a deepening of my voice and a stern NO! or Go Away! will convince her to leave off trying to cadge a pet or belly rub.

The wife's dog on the other hand is a little less demonstrative, certainly towards me, as she is the person he's chosen to give his total affection to.

Oh, he'll want me to scratch his back or rub his fat tummy, and if I sit too long here in front of the computer in the evening while he and the wife are watching TV, he'll come in here and give a little growl indicating I'm to follow him, and if I do he'll lead me to the living room and jump up on the couch beside his mistress and watch for me to sit by him.

Not between him and her, by any means. If I do he'll climb over me and get between us. He simply considers me a part of his pack and when it gets along towards bed time he wants everyone together.

For about a week or a little more we have noticed a small knot on one of his left ribs. In the last couple of days it has grown a little larger.

This morning the wife carried him to the Vet. In a couple of days, hopefully, we'll get some word on what might be the problem. I've included him in a couple of heartfelt prayers. Hope someone is listening.

Meanwhile, whenever the wife leaves and he doesn't get to go, he'll sit or stand on the stool by the front window, watching and waiting for her return, whereupon he'll greet her as Gracie greets me.

Some might say they only love us because we feed them.

I'm not convinced


LL said...

Awwww, good thoughts out for you guys and your pup!

Jean said...

Nah, it's more than just feeding. Beyond me to explain it, however.

I'll add some prayers to yours.

kdzu said...

WTF is a gooey duck?
And, no by damn I'm not gonna click.

LL said...

A gooey-duck is like a giant clam that they have in the Pacific Northwest. Don't know about that link though. haha