Friday, June 25, 2010

Popcorn Farting

It rained in the Classic City this evening. In some parts it was like a cow pissing on a flat rock with cracks of lightning and booms of thunder.

Here at the Kudzu Grotto ...... ehhh... not so much. Just enough to settle the dust a bit and cause the grass to grow a little more. Swear it's the truth....I'm gonna cover my pitiful excuse for a yard with pea gravel and call it a Japanese Rock Garden. Crab grass and Dandelions we have in abundance. But will turf type fescue or Burmuda grass take a'holt........S**T no!

Been a while. The mood just doesn't seem to have hit me over the head in a while. All the thing I used to rant and rave about Glenn Beck is taking care of now. Time to pass the torch I guess. He's doing a much better job of it than I ever did. All I succeeded in doing was piss the in-laws and out-laws off with my bitching and moaning.

Blogging for going on six years now and I've had a few people visit, some even more that once, even an occasional comment by bloggers that I admire and respect. Those have fed my soul and nourished a timid desire to put my self out there where others can see, even take a shot at now and again. Churchill is supposed to have said, "There is nothing quite as exhilarating as being shot at and missed". Some truth to that although it's been many a year since I had to dodge and weave. They used to say I couldn't fly a straight line if my life depended on it. I always considered that it depended on my wobbling and bobbling through the air more than getting there the quickest sometimes.

The same ol' same ol' is going on in the political and economic news. I'm getting dammned tired of it. Perhaps a new direction will be attempted after this coming falls elections, but it will mean little. The powers that be are controlled by the banksters that be and to bet against them can mean as much as your life. Don't take my word for it.....Ask JFK. Hell ask BHO. He can't take a crap without them telling him which hand to use to wipe his ass. So much for the devout mussleman question.

Anyhoo nobody wants to listen to that shit from a nano-particle in the blog-o-sphere like me, so I'm gonna attempt to steer clear for a while and think about nicer things. Things like the rainbow over Home Depot as I was trying to get off the by-pass in order to pick up some Chef Ming goodness for supper. It was one of God's better light shows......then along came the cow and the flat rock.

If'n any of you are in the mood for Chinese, either take out or dine in you could do worse than Chef Ming's. Check them out over by Kroger between Home Depot and Lowe's.

It's been a little over and hour and I think there is some Mushroom Beef left in the icebox.

Son........ Gooooooddddd!


Jean said...

Taking a pause from blogging myself.
There is an increasing strangeness in the atmosphere that is adding to the wonkiness of life. Got me worn down a bit. Time to regroup.

kdzu said...

Wonky indeed, I could use a little rest and relaxation but no rest for the wicked they say.
These days if I can hold it together till bedtime I count coup on the day and call it done. Maybe I should have a stick to carve a notch in each time. Have to be a small notch or else the stick would soon be toothpicks.