Sunday, October 23, 2011

For those who aren't aware

For those who might have never had this experience come up.... a word of wisdom.

Never mistake a laxative pill for your allergy pill.........(especially since you had already taken one Senacot that morning),
just before going down to Bonna Bella Yatch Club for an Oyster Roast and Low Country Boil.

Most Especially, if you are going to eat about 3 dozen oysters and then the Boil. There were 400 lbs. of oysters for about 40 people. Even discounting the shells, you do the math.

Nothing holy about the S***s I had this morning.

But the weekend with fellow bird men from a little war game in SE Asia 40 years ago made any discomfort worth it all.

Surprisingly, none of us had changed one bit.


Jean said...

Are reading glasses available? heh.

In spite of... glad the reunion was good. Do we get more details here?

kdzu said...

We'll see. I've still a few emotions to sort thru.

Joyce Partridge said...

love you and your fellow bird men and thankful for each of you and your service as Veterans Day comes upon us again.