Wednesday, April 04, 2012

As the old song goes..

.."We just moved in our new house today..."

Actually it was last night. After moving the bed, the tv, the couch and love seat, much other stuff also, and all the stuff we've moved over the past months, last night was the night.

We left the old house after 6pm and headed into the east, where lurked a big dark storm cloud. Thankfully it was moving away from us, and as we were approaching Royston there emerged the biggest double rainbow ahead of us.

I told the kudzu wife that it was sitting over our new place and sure enough as we were about 1/4 mile down the road you could see that, indeed, I was right. A good omen you'd think, and we did. Then, we walked in to the house. Hot, only eighty......but, the air had been working when we left keeping a nice 72 degrees. Air conditioner out. I have no idea what might be wrong. Thankfully almost every room has high ceiling and fans. With the windows open and the fans moving the air around we were able to tolerate the head and indeed, before morning I'd pulled the sheet over me. Hopefully the people at the AC office will be here this afternoon.


Borepatch said...

Good luck on your adventure. ;-)

kdzu said...

Thanks Borepatch. There is an outdoor range near here. As soon as the dust settles a little bit I'm gonna check it out. Maybe we can get in a few minutes quiet time sometime.

Jean said...

A double rainbow. Beautiful.
Happy Homecoming, Larry!

Yabu said...

I also have ceiling fans and they have saved my ass on more than one occasion.