Sunday, April 01, 2012

It's beginning.... look a lot less like home around here.

We've been slowly moving those things that not necessary for day to day life from here to the New Place. Today we moved the gun cabinet, the filing cabinet, the washer and dryer, the chest of drawers, the kitchen table and the best sleeping and rocking e-z-boy in the world, plus most of the canned goods in the pantry and cereal and spices in the cabinets.

The phone guy is supposed to show up at the New Place in the morning between 8:00 and 12:00, which means that I get to arise early and make the trek in order to wait upon their timing. Seems to be something wrong with the service provider and the payment provider paradigm here.

The phone and internet will be stopped here on Thursday, and since we can't live for even a moment with out either will of necessity be living there no later than Thursday and likely sooner. Then I won't have to get up here, have a nice cuppa coffee and decide when to go work on the New Place, I'll just wake up in the middle of a project for a long time. More will get done and progress will be visible, if only slightly more than now.

We found a huge white Iris there today. The youngest grand daughter said it was almost as tall as her. Little surprises like that are nice. No picture.........the camera is, of course, not at this place.

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Jean said...

I just got a dumpster yesterday. Supposed to be delivered no later than 3pm. Final arrival, almost 5pm.
Let's hope your service people are more timely.

You're making serious progress. So very cool!