Sunday, January 27, 2008

A matter of Allegience

Surprise.............I'm back.

Nothing like a few days of not posting to cause the itch to pontificate, to rant a ponder......well to tell you the truth I wasn't thinking of much at all.......just doing a little vegging out because .....well I had nothing better to do.'s been. A couple of days where it barely got above freezing. That may seem like a spring day to those from northern climes, but to we thin blooded.... aristocratic.....lay about southern's just this side of hell freezing over.

Which brings to mind the question.......Is Hell exothermic ( gives off heat ) or
endothermic ( absorbs heat ) ?

I've lived long enough to have seen several presidential political campaigns go by. I've gotten all excited about some of the end disgusted with all of them. My enthusiasm for trying to change the direction of the impending avalanche has just turned to a kind of jaded ho hum, here we go again.......a choice between bad and worse. I held out a bit of hope for Fred Thompson.....hey, a guy that old and ugly with a young beautiful wife and child has got to have something going for him........and he could lay out a compelling case for turning back to conservative values. Alas......i fear it may be too late.

I have stated many times that when I was sworn into the army and again when sworn in as a warrant officer, that I took and oath which I don't remember being released from.

That being said.......I have to consider if it's still binding......or if the ideals have been so throughly trashed as to have no further effect.

For a time now, I have begun to consider myself more an anarchist than patriot.

When a society ceases to be worthy of support, it is reasonable to withdraw support. The time, I submit, has come. You may feel differently.......that is your privilege and right.

Here I do not mean to urge crime or counsel treason, but to suggest quiet renunciation of the national disaster. Ask yourself how much of American life pleases you. The schools are run by fools to manufacture fools, government grows more intrusive by the day, and culture is determined by the triple cloacae of New York, Hollywood, and Washington. Freedom withers, not only in the ominous encroachment of police powers, but in the loss of control over schools, church, hiring, daily life. We are no longer our own. The United States is not the country we are told it is, and not the country it was.

If we look critically at our government and culture and feel that small bit of disgust.......the bile creeping into our throats like it tends to do when we smell "chitlins" cooking and realize that we'll be forced to eat them like it or we labor to turn aside the avalanche......or warn the town folk below......or just try like hell to get ourselves out of the way. After all, we can't help the survivors, unless we ourselves survive.

Let me suggest that one owes loyalty to one's family and friends, to common decency, and to nothing else. Render under Caesar what you must, keep what you can, and swear allegiance to nothing. Not just a corrupted government.....but a corrupted culture.....a desperate consumerism.....a society which is beginning to smell a little like that 'possum lying alongside the road for the last week.

We can begin with the seemingly small things. For example, do not imagine that you are under an obligation to marry, or to have children, or to raise them as the government requires. Procreate if you choose, but only if you genuinely want to procreate. It is not your job to perpetuate a civilization that is daily less deserving of perpetuation. Also........if you are not willing to wait until you are financially able to support a family.....and willing to stay and do just that with all that entails ......DO. NOT. HAVE. CHILDREN.

Never let the government have your children. Once they are had, your responsibility is to them. Teach them at home. Hire your own capable teachers if you must. It's interesting to consider that there still remain in this world, countries where you are not forced to fund an academically retrograde moral cesspool and then to drown your children in it.

I for many.......far too many years.....labored to have more and bigger, until it started falling down around my head and caused me to wish just for an end......
....of everything, especially the constant striving and worry........looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and never seeing even the light from the onrushing locomotive.....which would at least have brought surcease.

why should we tie ourselves to THINGS ?

The price of freedom is poverty: freedom grows as your needs diminish. Do you really need the huge house in the fancy neighborhood? The price you have to pay is more than just's entrapment in that high paying job with long ours and maybe working for a boss that you come to hate with a mind warping hatred. Of course, you will need a new expensive car ( sort of a motorized phallic symbol ) and a retirement plan that may be jerked out from under you just before you need it.
This, we are told, is the American Dream. I fear it has become so.

Learn to work the system. Ask not what you can do for your country, but what it can do for you—you ought to get some of your taxes back. They're going to take at least half of what you make and spend it on things you'd never pay for yourself. They will give much of it to useless bureaucrats, much to various forms of welfare, use much to bomb countries you may have no desire to bomb, and much to force upon you services, such as horrible schools, that you do not want. is meant to be enjoyed.

You will still read of the rot and running sores of a declining culture, but it will bother you less. These things are your problem only to the extent that you feel yourself to be part of the society that produces them. Don’t fight the government, as it will win. Don’t try to reform society, because you can’t. Laugh at it. Live well. Read much. Love much.


GUYK said...

I do understand how you feel..because I feel much the same way. However, way back in 1960 I took an oath which I to which I am still bound and that oath was to protect this country against all enemies..both foreign and DOMESTIC and it is more the domestic enemies that I now am preparing to the polls if I can and by my actions and words otherwise. I am too old and worn out to fight in the streets but I damn sure will support those who do if it comes to that.

kdzu said...

Guy, I too will vote, and I will still be concerned.......and if there ever becomes enough people willing to fight I'll be among the crowd with my weapons. Although I'm only a few years younger than you I can still get around fairly well......don't know how long that will last.
I just will not let my blood pressure get too high over the goings on in Washington or hollywood. I will live my life on my terms as a sovereign individual, but I'm smart enough right now to keep my head down and powder dry.
I much appreciate your writing and perspective on your blog.