Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The world awaits with pregnant anticipation the implementation of the SPBO's (sitting president barack obama's) economic package and like many another hopeful fool I turned over to his little harangue on many of your local channels last night.

I see many ads on the internutz saying his IQ is 122 and inviting you to come check your own IQ. I have no earthly idea if is IQ is really that high or not. If it is, the last check of mine placed it significantly above his........maybe not...who really trusts those things anyway??

All I know is that I was raised on and owned a dairy farm for a number of years, and I've got damn near 6 decades of bad and good decisions behind me.

Trust me.....(or not).....what I heard last night was BULLSHIT of the finest type. I mean they reached 5 feet up that bulls ass to get the best they could for SPBO to spout last night.

A sixth grader would have more sense than that. Let one do the math (if you can find one that knows how to use a pencil and even let them cheat by using a calculator) and they'll tell you what a load of shit he was spouting.

Just answer me one question. Why has his message of hope and change suddenly switched to Doom, Despair and Agony on Me??

Buy all the precious metals (both shiny and leaden) while you still can. Plan those Victory Gardens now. Start scratching up the ground to put in a few peas and tomatoes.

Just sayin'

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