Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just Sad

After the wife and the pooch have given it up for the night and hit the sack, I come creeping into the computer room in stockinged feet to catch up on the news and activities of some of the other denizens of the world wide web.

I'm trying to flush out the garbage I watched as the Bill O'rielly show was broken into to show the new sitting POTUS addressed the elite of the Dim-0-crit party at their soiree down in Virginia and harranged them to quickly pass his spending bill lest the so called recession (really depression) becomes in reality a depression (really TEOTWAWKI).

All I could find on The Drudge Report was This little tidbit to assure me that our public officials are doing any thing productive at all.

We are not going to allow ourselves to have the sacred roles of women in our society usurped by a couple of plastic women........well, considering the amount of plastic and silicone on TV these day....we may possibly be too late.

Which makes one wonder........why can't a man have a consensual relationship with an inflatable date? Do we fear that some of the ladies going in and out of the Publix would be put out of business and have to start applying for food stamps or other methods of Stimulus ?

Well, we certainly don't want to put law enforcement officials, jailers, magistrates and lawyers out of business. Me thinks maybe this is a time for an enterprising young attorney to do a bit of advertising (trolling) for customers who might have a similar problem with John Q. Law.

Gives me hope for the whole human race, that does.

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