Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are you going to do??

I was talking with the ol' Grump at the lunch table today and he said something to me that caused me to start thinking, "Ya know, I'm not so sure this country is in as bad a shape as everyone is saying it is."

To put that in a little perspective you'd have to know that he's 80 years old, with a 3rd grade education, 6 years in the army during the mid-fifties, ran a plumbing business when I first met his daughter (a master card), and was the second ranking plumbing inspector for Dekalb county (GA) when he retired about 15 years or so ago.

Today with about 20% heart function he mostly sits around watching the TV news, or Judge Judy, and whiles away the time sharpening his little pocket knife and watching the great grand children when they come to visit. All that and keeping up with his doctor visits which come about once every 6 months since the wife got his eating habits and medication timing straightened out.

So taking to heart the counsel that "He who walketh with wise men, shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed" I thought at some little length on the matter.

I concluded that if a person had a steady job, or a secure income, this period of time is not very concerning to him. Many there are that have not yet come to the point of fear about the future. Indeed there are many who are optimistic and anxious to see the new days coming. Perhaps we should be asking them for their opinion rather than those who see nothing but Armageddon ahead, or at least would have you think it is coming so as to more easily deceive you, or control you.

Now... if you have just lost your job or had your hours or wages cut back, perhaps you might be feeling just a bit of anxiety. Does weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth get you anywhere......or does rolling up your sleeves and buckling down at whatever work or tradeskill you possess and maybe taking a job that pays less than half of what you used to make and cutting back on some of the un-necessities make more sense?

Me thinks the ol' Grump is not as stupid as might be thought.

Below can be found some ideas to consider.....not mine...but people who council together, whatever their leaning politically, and try to apply principals that work.

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