Thursday, December 02, 2010

Georgia Weather

.......If you don't like it just wait a day or two....especially in the fall and winter.

Rain, clouds, thunder, lightning: all occurred yesterday with even a tornado or two thrown in for good measure, though, thankfully, not too near the Classic City. Just up the road a ways they were holding onto their roofs only to watch them sail away like a kids balloon in a Wal-Mart parking lot. This will be the first time a lot of roofers and carpenters have worked in a while. Hope they are able to hold onto a little of this (pardon the unintentional pun) unexpected windfall, it may have to last till the spring storms.

All that changed overnight. A front moved through and we had the coolest temps of the season here. 26 degrees overnight according to the truck thermometer, with a frost heavy enough on the windshield to require about 10 minutes of idling to clear the windshield. Yes I know I could have taken the little ice scraper thing and gotten underway a little quicker, but it was sort of nice sitting there looking at a white nothingness for a few minutes. I wonder if that's what heaven is going to be like..........sitting in the clouds with whiteness all around?

The day warmed up nicely as the sun rose higher in the sky......brilliant blue with only a light breeze. Gradually the layers of clothing came off to a point that we were comfortable.....thankfully before the neighbors had to call the decency committee on us.

Tonight......well, we'll see. It's supposed to be a bit cooler in the morning (reminds me I've got to go drain the garden hose). That didn't take too long.

Whatever comes tomorrow.........let it come.

Ya'll come back though.


Borepatch said...

Sorry, I think I brought the cold with us from Massachusetts. But unloading the furniture in the rain was not a fun experience.

But it's free air here, unlike the People's Republic. And I sold my snowblower. Life is good.

kdzu said...

Glad to have you down here in God's country.
What's a snowblower?

Jean said...

Been a bit nippy in FL lately, too.
3 or 4 nights in the 30s, days in the 50s...horrors!

Borepatch said...

What's a snowblower?

I was told that down here, the Lord brings it, so the Lord will have to take it away. Sounds like the right way to do things.