Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Do I look like your Daddy?

I know that I have a hard time holding onto money. I've leapt before I looked many times. But I have done a few things right.

I bought land at $475.00 per acre. Good move. It went up. I refinanced it to pay off a bankruptcy plus money to live on. Bad Move.. The piper and the bank always have to be paid. I bought an investment house at 70% of value. Good move. I refinanced it to have money to play with. Baaaad move. Still have a little equity in it. Good. Have to sell it to get it out, and the money will go toward other debt. Bad! See piper and bank reference above.

But,at least for a while, I can think we have something of our own. Let's forget for the moment about property taxes and the power of government.

But I have a guy I work with. He can be paid on friday and on saturday he needs $5 for smokes and a soft drink, or $20 to take his girl to a fast food place.

Now the government loves people like him. He is dependant. On government, friends or anyone who will loan him money. Government promises to take care of him. Kinda like the ol' Masa' used to take care of his slaves. They promise free bubble up and all the rainbow stew you can eat. MSMedia plays that to the hilt. any little problem and they cry "why didn't the government do more?".

What happened to individual responsibility? Taking care of your own? Preparing for the future?
Putting a little aside for emergencies? Need a car. Don't waste your time saving up the money. We'll loan you all you need at just a modest rate of interest, Buy here, pay here. No big deal, we're not the mafia. Just don't miss a payment.

Don't get me wrong. I don't begrudge them the right to finance a car, or anything else, to someone. They are after all fillinga need for a must have product or service to people who refuse to save. There are so many of them.

The Kudzu ate them.

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