Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sometimes the evidence of the rightness of ones position can be shown by the number of people who are opposed to it. Sometimes it can be proven by the people who are opposed to it.

Saudis and their money taking the lead for Al Qaida in Iraq
BAGHDAD — Military intelligence has detected the flow of Saudi financing and senior operatives to Al Qaida in the Al Anbar province, U.S. officials said. Saudis have financed leading Al Qaida operatives in the Fallujah area. "It seems that senior Al Qaida operatives in Saudi Arabia have moved their operations to Iraq, where they are well-financed by prominent Saudis who don't want to see a democratic Iraq," an official said.

Have we not been told and does not our native intelligence lead us to believe that some of the currant rulers of Saudi Arabia are very opposed to our efforts to establish a government of law in Iraq instead of a government of dictators and thugs.

Do you think that the current rulers who control all of the oil extracted from the sand there want to see a government of by and for the people, which would probably want to get their hands on some of that vast reservoir of money which keeps the kings, princes, and their sycophants in power?

Do you think that the religious mullahs who rule in Iran want to have their people have the freedom of religion and freedom of the individual to exercise his God given rights to self determinism to hold sway in their stead?

Do you think that the liberal left and militant right want a nation of thinking sovereign individuals to wake up and realize that the people we elect to serve us are instead thinking that they are superior to us? That they can determine for us what is best for us, because of course they are the elite and have a responsibility to take care of their slaves so we will continue to send our hard earned money to them?

Do you think the we the sheeple will wake up in time to avoid the slaughter of our individual rights? Will we one day stand shoulder to shoulder and shout a great shout!!

“I am a Sovereign Individual, endowed by my creator with certain unalienable rights.
Which rights belong to us as children of a loving God who desires that we hold on to those rights and resist those who would deny those rights to us.”

Or will we be ensnared by the tangle of petty laws and bureaucratic bumbling and inefficiency like a 100 ft tall pine entirely covered and smothered by Kudzu?

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