Thursday, May 18, 2006

Free at last

What a day. Started early checking on how the gold was refining, but couldn't stop thinking that I might have caused someone some pain.
Now I'm not usually one to really care whether some pain has been afflicted or not. The night of Bush's speech we were sitting on the couch watching and just after he had mentioned that the number of border patrol agents had been increased to 12000, I commented, "the problem is ease to solve. Just station an agent every 1/2 mile with a high powered rifle and let them start shooting anyone caught sneaking across". The better half looked at me in disgust and said, "you can't shoot people". Now why the hell not. Better a few bite the dust than thousands keep coming and breaking our laws. (Not that I'm any great believer in never breaking a law or two. Just don't believe in getting caught.) Plus if you're any good a head shot only hurts your shoulder.
Nevertheless I was much relieved to read tonight that I had not been at fault.

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