Friday, November 20, 2009

Doom, Despair, and Agony

When you've made as many financial mistakes as I have you can hardly be blamed for viewing with alarm some of the recent economic forecasts being tossed about by every Tom, Dick and Harry with even a smidgen of public forum. (Guess I fall into that category myself, although with an average of 8 to 9 readers a day my smidgen is hardly noticeable. If not for some family and friends I'd be talking to myself, which mostly I am in an effort to sort out my thoughts and feelings on different subjects.)

Having squandered so many opportunities on foolish dreams never realized, due to an exaggerated over-blown opinion of my less than Einstein-like mental prowess, and a superb and highly developed ability at procrastination, combined with a wide streak of laziness running happily thru my character laughing hysterically at anything and anyone who in their silliness think they can get me to do anything at all on their command, I wound up a trio of years ago losing everything but the aforementioned mental prowess, procrastination and laziness, my wife and children and one heavily mortgaged house which was always one month away from being behind on the payments.

Then thru the blessing of a benevolent God and a youthful willingness to cast myself into harms way I have been able to recover in some measure to the point that I now look about and see the doom that not only mine, but 94% of the rest of the population, helped along by a willingness to follow blindly anyone who like Oprah or Barrack Hussein OBama, G.W. Bush and vast legions of those who claim to know what is good for us, is fixing to hand out to not only us, but a goodly portion of the rest of the world.

I tell you truthfully that as my dear departed Grandfather would have said, "it makes my water weak".

The French banking giant Société Générale
has taken to warning clients to prepare for some possibly rough and bumpy roads ahead.

I suspect that if indeed we do go down those roads in the coming couple of years we will, like myself in the recent debacles aforementioned, have no one to blame but ourselves. Will the voice of the common sense possessing people in this country be heard and followed, or will the moonbats and drugged out hollowed eyed hippies from Haight Asbury like Nancy Pelosi and her cronies continue to have their way with us. Hey, I'm not saying that 40 years ago while operating under a hemp-fueled fog someone might not have found her a cozy port in a storm (maybe they could stuff a sock in her mouth long enough to get by). I'm just suggesting that like some of my past decisions led to a somewhat less than pleasant anticipated result, that we'd better measure twice (maybe have someone double check our measurements) and cut once before we blindly allow the current leaders of the Dimocrit and Republickers to decide the fate of our few remaining years.

If we do, then I humbly suggest that next summer you turn the swimming pool in the back yard into an intensively cultivated garden and learn to can and store everything you can grow and trap. You'll thank me a couple years down the road. But you're already a couple years behind, as am I.

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