Sunday, November 29, 2009

Health Insurance Reform

Much ranting and raving from parties on both the left and the right is being done these days with little listening to voices of reason by much of anybody.

I tend to say that it's not my dog in the fight because the VA takes care of all my needs and 75% of the wife's, but really I get just as frustrated as most anybody when common sense is not only not winning the race, but is still in the paddock calmly munching on a bit of leafy alfalfa goodness waiting for someone to come along and open the gate and saddle her up.

The current bills in both the house and the senate average around 2,000 pages.....many of them at odds with each other and totally lacking the presence of the mare of common sense.

Of course one can understand the proposed solutions when you realize that the problem is not really how to provide affordable health care to those currently un- or under insured.

No, the problem as seen from the eyes of the entrenched bureaucracy is how to preserve as many and indeed to add to the number of jobs within government dictates as possible. Because, really now, in a time when people are losing their jobs where they actually make something useful or solve some pressing problem.....we need those secure government jobs......which of course come with the added benefit of falling under the health care insurance members of congress and the president get. You don't see him rushing to sign up for the proposed do you?

Really as Charles Krauthammer suggests, a bill of about twenty easy to understand pages would probably do just as well.....if not better.

I'm just saying.....

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