Thursday, November 05, 2009

Much Better

You know how it feels when you really need to let out a ginormous BELCH.

Just damn.

Spent half a day cooking up some of my top secret chile recipe today. Doom of Damocles to be levied on my redneck ass if I ever reveal the magic ingredients.
(of course since that friendship went down the drain like everything else at the time how will he ever know)

hmmmm maybe I could get rich by selling the recipe on eBay

Anyway, supper was time to partake of a huge bowl of meaty goodness. (By huge I mean more than I should have eaten in two days. Glad I froze the rest in half quart freezer bagged portions, since I'm the only one here who will eat it. Who would refuse based on the fact that it's CHUNKY meat style instead of hamburger?)

Oh woe is me. About a half hour later I'm laying on the couch watching NCIS and groaning from indigestion.

Half a Pepsi and a half mile walk on the treadmill later I am blessed with relief in the form of much bovine style belching. Al Gore will probably want to sell me a bunch of carbon credits or the tree huggers will want to tax my ass to death.

Normally I walk a little faster and a little longer but it just wasn't in me tonight.

The good thing is that my walk takes me toward a pencil sketch of the wife when she was 21 or 22 on a trip to Paris she took with a bunch of other military wives.

Hey.....maybe he wasn't the best sketch artist and it's been long time since then but I still picture her like that whenever I look at her


LL said...

Dude, I felt that way after eating those southern style pinto beans but the gas came out the other end. :D

Jean said...

Good grief, my friend, don't kill yourself with your own cooking!
Chunky meat sounds pretty tasty, though.